Raising Integrity Concerns

Part of building a culture of trust is learning to speak up when something is not right and we can address the problem.

What to Report?
Any activity by XCM or an XCM Employee that relates to violation of a policy, corruption, bribery, theft or misuse of property, fraud, coercion, gross misconduct, sexual harassment, or discrimination.

How to Report?
You may report in writing or orally. Please provide as much factual information as possible including the date and time of the situation, the location of the situation, anyone else in the company that was involved or has knowledge of the situation.

Where to Report?
Choose whichever reporting option you are most comfortable using. Whichever option you use, your confidentiality will be protected.

Email: xcmhotline@xcmsolutions.com

By mail:
Ethics & Compliance
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Quincy, MA 02169

Phone: +1 781-356-5152 Extension 11